Choose the number of instalments, dates for payment, use of your funds or ours, or just collect and disburse. We flex with you.

Multiple Financing Options

Whether it’s our funding, self-funding or both – you choose, we deliver. Flexibility is our differentiation in the market and key to our success.

Our flexible funding option allows brokers choose how best to finance their customers: using our funds or theirs, or a combination of the two that can be varied over time that best cater to your ongoing financial requirements and end customer preferences.

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Features & Benefits

By taking advantage of our financing option, you’ll benefit from a flexible, tailored service that allows for greater business growth and scalability.

  • Personal & Commercial

  • Branded Documentation

  • Quick Quotations

  • Recourse & Non-recourse

Success Stories

Pair Funding With Our Technology To Gain Full Visibility & Complete Control

Our award-winning technology allows for seamless integration into existing IT systems, our software powers you with the ability to run multiple payment schemes flexibly, functionally and with scaleability.

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